The Manufacturing Industry: Going Paperless (Or Bust)

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This is how Mobile Inspection feels about paper:

And we’re not alone! The manufacturing industry is realizing the undeniable benefits of ditching paper and implementing digital systems.

Think about your current shop floor. It’s like a beehive; constantly moving, persistent communication buzzing throughout the workday. Your company is essentially built on teamwork. With a handful of employees frequently depending on each other to create successful systems, paperless manufacturing is a no-brainer. Read on for our top 5 reasons why manufacturers need to embrace digital systems and implement Mobile Inspection:

1. Actionable Reportable Data

We love emphasizing the importance of Mobile Inspection’s ability to offer actionable, reportable data. All of your high priority items or issues can be easily retrieved across multiple locations by customer, at any time! It gives you the insight to better your business. With MI’s centralized manager, you can generate summary reports, score all locations and see where the most important issues are. Then, easily and actively ensure their resolution.

2. Real Time Flexibility

With Mobile Inspection, users are able to edit, add to or update information at any time. With paper checklists, you’re having to cross out, copy or replace and physically keep track of updated versions. Producing, sharing and editing is done easily and as quickly as possible (and on-the-go) through digital systems.

3. Quicker Response Time

A major benefit of using Mobile Inspection is the ability to monitor and track issues while actively resolving them. If your inspector finds an on-site issue, it’s simple to alert secondary maintenance and solve the problem head on at that moment. No jotting down, handing off and calling for back up – all your communicative tools are right in the palm of your hand.

4. Cut Costs

Yes, you’re obviously cutting the costs of the paper materials being used, but you’re also cutting down on the time spent filling out/delivering paper forms and manually entering data. It might not seem like those small tasks are draining, but every minute adds up. When Mobile Inspection does the redundant stuff for you, precious moments are added back to the time you spend in the field – allowing you to work more efficiently and reduce injuries.

5. Better Security

Your old forms had to be stored securely in a dusty file cabinet somewhere – but what if you need a certain checklist after hours or you can’t access a material in time to finish a job? Mobile Inspection stores your documents for you, safely, with a tiered hierarchy of users in which you can decide who has access to what. You’ll always be able to access what you need and it will never be destroyed due to employee error (a knocked over mug of coffee or a lost file in a sea of old reports.)

With so many advantages to using digital systems, manufacturers are dropping out-of-date systems to advance their business.

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