OSHA Violations Cost Manufacturing Company $1.9M

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Aluminum Shapes LLC has been fined $1.9M in penalties after 10 inspections from 2011-2017

OSHA has cited the company, with a staggering history of noncompliance with OSHA standards, for 51 violations costing $1,922,895.00. After OSHA inspectors assessed the worksite in 2017, they revealed that two employees experienced chemical burns and a broken pelvis – two work related injuries that required hospitalization. After various failed inspections and accruing fines, OSHA issued more willful citations. OSHA’s News Release Region 2 stated that the company failed to:

  • Provide appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Conduct air monitoring prior to permit-required confined space entry.
  • Have an attendant during permit-required confined space entry.
  • Complete a required confined space entry permit to identify, evaluate and control hazards in the space.
  • Provide confined space training.
  • Utilize proper Lockout/Tagout (Control of Hazardous Energy) Procedures
  • Provide workers with locks and hardware to lock out equipment being serviced, maintained, or repaired.
  • Lack of specific procedures for the use of blocking devices
  • Utilize group lockout procedures.
  • Train workers in Lockout/Tagout

Even after multiple inspections throughout the years, Aluminum Shapes continued to acquire fines after failing to comply with OSHA standards. OSHA inspectors stated that the company had been cited for repeat violations (fall hazards, electrical hazards, lack of stair rails and machine guarding) all of which could easily have resulted in employees’ deaths and life altering injuries.


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