Mobile Inspection: A Crucial Tool for Trampoline Parks

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$167 Million

That’s how much Sky Zone has generated in revenue since 2015. The International Association of Trampoline Parks projected 563 facilities operating across the United States by the end of 2016. What was once referred to as a “buzzy business” that was sure to die off, is now respected as a rapidly growing high risk entertainment industry staple.

Trampoline parks are perfect for kids, adults and families alike. The facilities offer exercise and fun for customers of all ages; but with an increase of openings, a rise in reported injuries occurred as well. While set safety standards should be the top priority of every park, accidents happen at random and can severely injure not only your reputation, but your customers. Here’s how Mobile Inspection can help avoid and reduce injury rates and make it easier for your employees to record the events:

Document Incidents

Picture this: it’s a normal busy Saturday morning at your park. A birthday party is scheduled for a group of ten 7-year-olds. Your employee, Kate, has parents sign the waivers and goes over the extensive safety demonstration. When the check-in process is over, the kids begin jumping. It’s only a matter of minutes before one of the parents is consoling a crying child and the boy is holding his ankle in pain. Kate doesn’t have time to run back to the office to gather the necessary paper materials – she needs to act now. Once the little boy is getting proper medical attention, Kate is able to quickly and easily document the incident in detail all from her mobile device.

Record Vital Information

Kate types in the date and time of the incident as well the exact location of the customer when he was using the facility. She takes a photo of the area and notices an open snag in the floor that may have been the culprit of the injury. Kate is able to take notes and upload the photo via sync process. In just a matter of minutes, the entire incident has been documented and stored in the cloud so it can be saved and shared.

Centralized Analytics

Mobile Inspection creates custom reports for managers and owners to analyze. With all the data available, managers can review the information and make informed decisions to reduce injury rates. After Kate documented the sprained ankle incident, her boss Jacob was able to send out secondary maintenance to resolve the issue immediately. The floor was patched and refinished to eliminate any other problem areas that could cause another accident. With the app, Jacob was able to add “check for snags and tears in floor” to their custom checklists during inspections.

Kate and Jacob were able to act quickly and efficiently to tend to an incident and avoid further injuries all by using one tool: Mobile Inspection. A wide variety of features, a user-friendly interface, customization and integration that work across Apple/Windows and Android devices are just a few of the reasons Mobile Inspection has been a success.

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