Home Inspection Checklist: 6 Overlooked Items

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According to 24/7 Wall Street, a thorough home inspector can examine over 1,600 items that help determine if the home that’s being inspected is in good enough shape to justify the price. Many home-owner related blogs and websites write articles regarding the things home inspectors usually forget to check. Here are a few of the commonly overlooked items rounded up by Realtor.com:

The Roof

Inspectors should ensure a clean, dry and functioning roof free from defects – but if it’s a steep building or freshly wet from a storm, some inspectors will forgo checking it for safety precautions. With Mobile Inspection, you have the ability to leave “roof” unchecked on your custom checklist, noting that you need to come back and inspect it before signing off. You can also send out alerts for secondary maintenance or help to inspect the item.

Hidden Electrical Outlets

As an inspector, your main priorities are the items that you can easily evaluate and monitor. Sometimes, cabinets or heavy furniture can block the view of electrical outlets. Simply adding “hidden electrical outlets” to your custom checklist, or taking photos of the areas in which you can’t manually reach the outlets (and syncing the photos to the reports) ensures that your job is completed correctly.

Well + Septic System

You can’t plan or evaluate everything, even during a super thorough inspection. There will be incidents days after you leave, or even seconds after you mark an item off your checklist. Mobile Inspections allows inspectors to add notes and hot spots to their digital inspections so that owners have the absolute most in-depth information regarding their home. If the water runs and no issues or backup from the septic system occurred, you can add data to the report asking the owner to follow up with a water quality test.

The Underground

You can give a homeowner a basic test of the ground underneath their home or drill a bore hole to test the ground even more thoroughly. When it comes to items like this, that need further test or attention, it’s easy to schedule and manage the activities through Mobile Inspection. All the materials, notes and data that you need is always available in your mobile device.

The Pool

Working pump? Check✓

Efficient heater? Check✓

Minor crack in pool lining near filter? Uh oh.

Your job is to inform the home owner of any safety or health concerns – so the more in-depth details you have, the better. Take a photo of the damaged area and schedule a day for your company to maintain the pool. You can even give the customer access to the system to view the inspections and completed checklists. More details = happier customer = more business.

Chimney + Fireplace

While you’re checking for blockage and working dampers, you may be asked to inspect further with a creosote test. If the homeowner is unaware of information from their past inspection, you’ll have all the data you need thanks to Mobile Inspection’s “history” tab, that will keep any past inspections for your reference. More tests means more money spent, so through Mobile Inspection it’s easy to email invoices and download then share the completed inspections with your customers.

As a home inspector, your daily duties change with every individual inspection.

What doesn’t change? The unwavering assistance and various features from Mobile Inspection. A handful of tools and the ability to do so much more with your inspections is what will keep your customers happy. Make your job easier, give your customers more information; it’s a win-win. Sign up for Mobile Inspection today and we’ll let you use it for 30 days – FREE. 

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