Awfully Unlucky: A List of Avoidable Accidents

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Black cats. Broken mirrors. A guy in a ski mask named Jason.

They’re all creepy – and considered eerily unlucky on good ol’ Friday the 13th. While this “holiday” is avoided by many, there’s no actual reasoning behind the date being deemed unfortunate. In fact, research shows that there’s no history of Friday the 13th showing an increase in natural disasters or hospital visits. The popular reputation of said date is still widely accepted though – Finland has dubbed the date “National Accident Day,” and celebrates by spreading awareness about home/work/road safety. In your industry, companies should aim to keep safety the top priority – but accidents happen. Get into the Halloween/Friday the 13th spirit by browsing this list of awful accidents that occurred in companies that do not use Mobile Inspection to reduce and eliminate safety risks (as recorded by OSHA’s Severe Injury Reports)

Awful Accidents

That could’ve been avoided with common safety practices + Mobile Inspection:


There are hundreds of recorded amputations (*cue blood curdling scream!*) that occur every week in the manufacturing industries. The damage is usually to phalanges that weren’t properly guarded during work. On 1/28/17, an Ohio factory worker’s finger and fingernail were amputated after a machine wasn’t properly turned off, resulting in the employee getting caught. With Mobile Inspection, you’re able to upload your custom checklist that ensures a turned off machine before your inspectors complete the process, eliminating the risk of an amputation.

Severe Fractures

You’d be surprised how many fractures occur simply from employees tripping over everyday objects or the seemingly minor safety risks that become life threatening. On 1/23/17, a New York home goods store employee fractured their right hip after falling while holding a box and slipping. Sometimes, common safety knowledge isn’t enough to avoid painful injuries – but always ask or wait for help if carrying a heavy load.

Gunshot Wound

At the beginning of the year, a manufacturing employee was injured after an attempted robbery went south. The employee was shot in the right shoulder. You can’t fully plan for an active shooter or robbery situation, but knowing these tips from the U of M Department of Public Safety could end up saving your life!

Intracranial Injury

Bones can heal, but anything regarding the head/neck can potentially paralyze a person for life. A Sam’s Club employee suffered an intracranial injury when they fell approximately 8ft. from a ladder. Keep these OSHA Portable Ladders tips handy if this is a safety risk in your field!

Chemical Burns

An Ohio factory worker was hospitalized after they were burned on their arms and left half of their body due to chemical burns. The employee was completing a generic task of transferring a chemical from a tank to a drum when a hose came loose and sprayed him. This is another situation in which a thorough inspection of the hoses completed with Mobile Inspection could have alerted the inspector that an error could occur.


A Floridian Tool & Supply company employee was thrown back 3ft. after being electrocuted on the job. The employee was plugging in a grinder when the incident unfolded.

On this Friday the 13th (and every day) ensure the utmost safety at your workplace by knowing how to work safely and implementing Mobile Inspection

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