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Ski safe this winter. Knowing is shredding!

It’s estimated that over 50 million skiers find their way to resorts each year to enjoy  shredding the slopes. Ranging from Alpine, Snowboarding, Cross country, Freestyle, Telemark, and more, there are so many ways to enjoy the packed powder. But, skiing safe is always the key to having the most enjoyable time when hitting the slopes.  There are many ways to be safe when hitting the Alpine, here are some safety tips and tricks to make your skiing experience the safest and most enjoyable time possible.  Because knowing is shredding.



Before Hitting the Slopes

  • Dress Appropriate
  • Make sure to have proper equipment
  • Take a couple of lessons
  • Check the weather reports
  • Always wear eye protection
  • Exercise
  • Know your terrain


While on the hill

Hone your craft

If it is your first time out, lessons are key. Haven’t been out for a while? A short refresher course would be helpful. 


Stretching and a warm up routine will help reduce the risk and severity of an injury.

Don’t ski alone

Having a group or individual with you is not only a great time but safe. If anything goes wrong there are people to assist.

Stick to the track

Keeping on the slope and using the resort information will mean that if something goes wrong, help will quickly be available.

Don’t over do it
If you’re tired, stop skiing, Injuries happen more often when you are fatigued. Multi-passenger gondolas and high-speed lifts let you have lots more time on the slope, so pace yourself.


Dangers when Skiing

  • Frostbite/Hypothermia
  • Skier’s Thumb
  • Head Injuries
  • ACL Injuries
  • Acute Mountain Sickness
  • Skiing off an embankment
  • Avalanches
  • Snow Immersion Suffocation
  • Broken Bones
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How Data Analytics Helps Create a Safer Workplace


Digital safety data provides analytics which enables insightful decision making – elevating an organization’s culture of safety through continuous improvement.

Data Driven Decisions
Data analytics are key to any safety program as it enables insightful decision making. Although capturing safety data on paper or into a siloed system, can slightly raise the culture of safety within an organization, it prevents any type of analysis to foster a safety culture of continuous improvement.

The key to continuous improvement in safety is to provide actionable data to decision makers so real change can be obtained. Without the data flowing back to the decision makers, the best decisions are unable to be made. Imagine not being able to feel your hand in any way. What happens if you touch a flame? Or a sharp object? Not having the sensation flowing back to your brain prevents you from making an appropriate decision to protect your hand. Likewise, safety information that is not digital or does not flow automatically back to a business intelligence platform prohibits insightful decision making.

More Insightful Decisions
With the correct platforms in place, data analytics can provide the following mechanisms to help provide accurate insight into an organization’s safety culture:

Trend Analysis
Visualizing trends in year-to-year or month-over-month performance can demonstrate continuous improvement across the organization. The key items to having this actionable data are to have properly configured templates and putting the correct platforms in place. Selecting the right partner is imperative.

Real-time Alerts and Reporting
Being able to configure alerts in real time enables decision makers to see exactly when an egregious issue occurs. Alerting via email or push notifications will quickly put issues into the hands of those who can implement real and lasting change.

Heat Maps
With a digital safety program, effective organizations can capture data that is unobtainable with paper alone. An example of this is GPS coordinates. When inspecting a facility or auditing a job site, knowing exactly where issues are occurring and with what relative frequency can quickly point you to the correct course of action.

Culture of Safety
Providing real-time data into the hands of decision makers takes multiple steps and, when done correctly, will change your organization’s culture of safety in a good way. With data capture occurring ubiquitously, everyone will be aware of the safety program – it will be in everyone’s hands – and the results will be reported frequently. This heightened, collective awareness enables the expectations within an organization to be set properly and the culture of safety will continue to change for the better

We look forward to helping you on the journey to providing safety analytics.

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Create Safer Workplace

Create a safer workplace today!

1. Review and act upon your safety data with automated features.
2.Collect information that otherwise wouldn’t be collected.
3. Ensure problems are fixed thanks to accountability features.
4. Proactively prevent safety problems.
5. Enjoy live customer service every step of the way.
And there are many more!

Once you decide Mobile Inspection is for you, we can customize it to meet your specific needs. Get started today. It’s safety software created by safety professionals. 


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