Zipline safety

Zipline Safety

Zipline Safety – People expect to find a safe, well-run, and well-maintained facility where they and their loved ones are not exposed to unnecessary and preventable risks. Courses and Personal Safety Equipment require daily inspections by  Zipline operators. This  can include course elements, helmets, harnesses, lanyards, carabineers, pulleys, and trolleys.

Helmets should be inspected for fractures and proper operation of suspension and fastening system. Harness inspections should identify abrasions, stiffness, worn or broken stitching on the materials and check to make sure all buckles operate properly, and that webbing does not interfere with buckle operation. Carabineers should be inspected for significant scoring, wear, cracks and distortion of the material. 

The operation of the gate and locking system should also be inspected. Zip line trolleys should be inspected for proper operation of moving parts as well as significant scoring, wear, cracks and impact damage.

Wire rope and hardware also requires daily inspection on a regularly established interval. Standard Practice for Special Requirements for Aerial Adventure Courses indicates, the following items shall be considered in continued use of the wire rope:  continued use of the wire rope:

  • Broken wires
  • Displaced or loose wire
  • Physical damage at impact areas on cables                                               
  • Visual inspection of impact areas on cables

How to manage your Safety Inspections
  • The Contextual Education standard further defines: “Qualified personnel” have current and documented experience in construction and evaluation of the type of         course they are inspecting, and are following authoritative sources and peer accepted practices in construction and inspection.
  • Most fatalities or serious injuries related to adventure/challenge activities have been attributed to human error (participant or supervisor) or equipment failure.  
  • Recently, serious accidents and fatalities have prompted government in several states to review and/or discuss how and if zip lines are regulated. While many               states do not currently have regulations specific to zip lines/challenge courses, there are industry standards

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