Winter Is Coming!

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Winter Is Coming.

 With temperatures dropping, snowflakes falling and the threat of accidents caused by winter weather slowly becoming more relevant, it’s time to ensure that your workplace is prepped and ready to stay safe! Browse our list to keep you, your office and your employees healthy all season long.

Analyze the Workplace

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 42,000 injuries and illnesses occurred in 2014 due to harsh winter conditions including ice, snow, sleet or hail. These injuries and illnesses also took at least one day to recover before employees affected were able to return to work. We know how weather affects the way we work, so take time to be prepared and combat these problems before they occur. EHS advises that companies walk through their facilities to note of vulnerable areas including cracked concrete, clogged gutters and HVAC problems. A great way to do this properly? With Mobile Inspection! Our custom digital inspection checklists make walkthroughs like this easier and more accurate than ever.

Have A Weather-Advisory Action Plan

You know what processes have been affected by weather in the past, so act accordingly. Ice removal, snow removal, power outages, snow storms and high winds are all conditions that should be thought out. Make sure you have a plan in which these would occur and have an escape route procedure documented. All employees should know how to react in these conditions and you should practice emergency evacuation drills to be safe.

In the midst of winter and freezing temperatures, hazards often become less apparent. You have to ensure that all hazards are brought to attention visually with signage that isn’t easily covered by snow. Go through your workplace and remove any unnecessary items that clog pathways or block exits. Emphasize tread tapes and extra traction. Temporary signage may be necessary to alert employees to slick areas or ice-covered entrances.

Focus On Employee Health

What’s worse than working in the cold? Working with a cold! Nothing like body-aches, a cough and a runny nose to make work even harder. Remind employees the importance of washing hands, wearing coats and using hand sanitizer. In addition to minor colds, more serious illnesses like hypothermia should be recognized. Though it sounds odd, dehydration is still a very real health concern during busy holiday seasons. Ensure your employees are hydrated and not fatigued.

Keep your workplace safe this season so you and your employees can enjoy the holidays!

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