100 Day Safety Program

100 Day Safety Program

Mobile Inspection Safety Program Guarantee


What has been accomplished at your organization in the last 100 days?  This is a serious question. From water cooler talk to all day back to back meetings – a lot of strategies are discussed, but not always delivered.  Time is easily wasted.

Mobile Inspection is different – we Guarantee that we can deliver our proven process in 100 days.  We know we can do this because we have done it before. Multiple times.

There are always roadblocks to change and reasons to delay.  From executive team buy in to difficulty in a new program’s adoption, natural resistance to change prevents companies from moving forward.


Our Safety Process

We overcome the hurdles and roadblocks by helping you through our Change Management Process.  Identifying change champions, although it sounds cliche, is one of the most important aspects in the process.  Engaging as many key individuals as possible, across the organizational hierarchy, also lays the foundation for success.  

Additionally, we meet with management to document goals and outcomes to be sure success is clearly defined and that our project plan aligns with objectives and strategies.  Using Agile methodology, leading by example, and deploying rapid involvement teams, we walk through each task in the plan to ensure you are able to successfully deliver the program for your company.