Property Management


Property Management – Identifying and Fixing the Problems

Inspections and Documentation

Inspecting a tenanted property is imperative for a successful property owner.  Understanding when issues arise, having them clearly documented, and having assignment routing rules can greatly automate property maintenance.

Facility Maintenance and Service Issues

Property issues occur regularly.  From a flooded basement to flushing an action figure down the toilet, to a severe windstorm ripping some siding off, things happen … all of the time.  Clear documentation is key when it comes to quickly servicing the issues.

Follow Up Rules Engine

Mobile Inspection has a follow-up rules engine built into its platform that allows automatic routing of qualifying issues to designated individuals for fast resolution.  It automatically triggers these items during the inspection process. We can assist in the rules configuration or you can do it on your own. Either way, it is a great timesaver to have one individual inspecting that automatically generates a list of issue for an individual fixing – all while being able to be managed remotely.

Move Ins and Outs

For most landlords and property management companies, dealing with move-in and move-out inspections can be challenging when issues are presented by the tenant.  How many times have you heard, “that was like that when I moved in”? Or, “that’s always been like that”. It is helpful to have the original documentation generated upon move-in when assessing security deposit withholdings.

Start Automating Now

With Mobile Inspection you can perform regular Daily / Weekly / Monthly inspections to ensure that residents are complying with community guidelines and to ensure the safety of the physical property which keeps property values high for all residents. Most property management companies like to catch any infractions as early as possible. With our state of the art system, you can track all violations and have instant reporting back to your management team.

Just started out with the Mobile Inspection software I have to say, easy setup, easy to use. This is a great tool for anyone doing site inspections. Support has been incredibly helpful. Look forward to working with this team for years to come.

Matt Williams- Property Manager
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