Manufacturing safety


Delivering Safety is the Right Thing to Do


Manufacturing Safety has countless risks and exposures and hazards that are present on and around manufacturing plants. It is vital to keep a safe work environment to reduce workplace injury and comply with OSHA enforced safety standards on the local, state and federal level.
A job hazard analysis (JHA), sometimes called a job safety analysis (JSA), is a process to ensure that each hazard at every plant is reviewed according to generally accepted safety and health principles. Once identified, each hazard can then be removed before any injury occurs.

Near Miss Reports

A near miss is an unexpected event that could easily have hurt someone but did not, in the end, cause anyone harm. It is also called a “close call” for the same reason. The more near misses found, the more likely an injury will occur.

Take Action

While it’s essential for manufacturers to recognize certain safety hazard facing their workers, it’s more important for them to take action to protect them. One of the first steps manufacturers can take toward employee safety to ensure that all new workers are comprehensively trained on their job responsibilities and various safety techniques. They should know what PPE to wear, how to maintain or service heavy machinery, proper lockout/ tagout procedures and any other need-to-know workplace safety information.

Enterprise Management

Managing EHS in the construction industry requires a comprehensive cloud based solution with an offline app that can easily scale to the size of your enterprise. Whether you’re managing a single plant or plants on several continents, Mobile Inspection delivers location specific functionality to the plant, and gives you a single source for visibility into EHS performance across your company.

With its Single-Click-Scheduling and offline capability, Mobile Inspection provides a quick, easy-to-use app to complete and track JHA’s and Near Miss Reports to help improve safety conditions at each facility.

Quality Control

Beyond safety, Mobile Inspection has been used for quality control inspections as well, particularly with shipping and receiving. One customer indicated that the system paid for itself simply by avoiding shipping claims against the plant when items were damaged during transit.


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