Home Inspection Technology: Drones & Mobile Inspection

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…Drone!?

Drones: We’re all pretty familiar with the high tech phenomenon:  The generally small remote control aerial crafts help us film incredible videos, monitor traffic and construction and even deliver packages. The amount of technology that goes into these devices is truly mind boggling; how can one piece of machinery be so capable of so many things? The home inspection industry got much more interesting once these gadgets flew through – check out this video from Autel Robotics featuring an Amerispec home inspection.

Drones can be used in place of sending workers into confined spaces or other hazardous areas. The Federal Aviation Administration regulates commercial droneuse under 14 CFR Part 107, enacted in August 2016. OSHA has no regulations regarding drones.

Did you know we LOVE technology and infusing it into inspection processes to enhance safety? We can’t get enough of it. As the world evolves into a more technologically savvy environment, the safety industry (and industries who utilize inspections) must move with it. Specifically with home inspections, this is a fantastic tool that reduces the rate at which inspectors have to get on the roofs or on top of buildings to inspect out of reach areas.

Drone Technology & Safety Tips:

  1. To use a drone during home inspections, you and your hardware must be certified by the FAA.
  2. Pre-inspection, perform a pre-inspection! Ensure that your drone is safe and ready to use.
  3. Only fly during daylight (for obvious reasons.)
  4. Do not fly drones above people who aren’t protected.
  5. Privacy is a concern. Tell anyone who may be recorded in the vicinity that you may be capturing them on film. Also, only fly your equipment over the house that has agreed upon a home inspection.
  6. Keep data secure and delete it as soon as you can.
  7. If the home owners ask that you remove pieces of the clip from your data, do so.
  8. Do not be reckless with the drone.
  9. If you can’t see the area in which it’s going to fly, do not fly it.
  10. Discuss safety and privacy concerns with the homeowner before your drone takes flight.

Technology, like drones, keeps your business soaring.

And you never want to fall behind the competition. As technology advances, you should adapt to ensure that your customers are getting the most detailed and up-to-date home inspections possible. That’s why we created Mobile Inspection! M.I. is an easy-to-use app that allows you to take your current paper checklist and transform it into a clean, digital template. From the convenience of your smart phone or tablet, you can maneuver through your home inspections seamlessly with photo-capture technology and custom downloadable pdf reports. Mobile Inspection has tons of other features that help you obtain the most accurate of details, which is exactly what your customers are looking for. If your not quite ready for flying drones, you can still stay up-to-date and tech-savvy by implementing Mobile Inspection.

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