Do more with less in EHS

How to do More with Less in EHS

Is your EHS  team undermanned and full of fractured processes? It is important to streamline the department and accomplish more with less.


One of the ways to accomplish more is by analyzing your current processes for areas of improvement

 Streamline Regulatory Tracking: Focusing on fewer, higher quality audits will reduce the amount of man power needed, while providing tremendous insight.

 Improve Internal Communications: Try to reduce the recipients of emails and participants in meetings to the bare minimum. Many employees complain about an overload of information sent from multiple departments.

 Utilize Software Automation: Many responsibilities of Environmental Health and Safety managers are now organized and tracked with intuitive software that streamlines the time and costs needed.  

 Prioritize Certifications: There are a growing number of EHS certifications, some of which add more value than others. Focus on some of the core certifications (CSP, REA, CHMM, CIH), and pass over some others to save time and cost on training.


Risk Reduction – EHS Departments are exposed to four major EH&S risk areas:

Workplace injuries and health hazards

OSHA non-compliance and enforcement penalties

Environmental releases

EPA non-compliance and enforcement penalties

With clear direction of priorities and measurable outcomes, there will be a significant increase in participation moving to the end goal, SAFETY!
Process Management  In addition to personnel training on communication and teamwork, the use of tools & software can increase the value of Environmental Health and Safety efforts.
EHS software can help you:

Increase compliance

Manage corrective and preventative action

Stay on top of priorities and promote accountability

Establish standardized and efficient audit management processes


Identify Areas Where Change Can Happen!

Nobody knows your business better than you do. The most valuable opportunities come from analyzing what is available in your data. By leveraging software solutions, cutting out inefficiencies, and improving communication and collaboration across the organization, your Environmental Health and Safety team is guaranteed to improve compliance, and injuries will be reduced.


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