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Safety is always important.

Workplace Injuries and Safety risks don’t just occur in elevated construction zones or on the floor in factories – safety risks are lurking everywhere, even at your office.

Davision BMA
Davision BMA

OSHA’s injury records are full of documented accidents that have happened in every-day office settings. Minor risks (something as simple as a stray power cord) have injured workers and turned people’s lives upside down. Read our list of the top 10 safety hazards in any office and learn how to avoid them:

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Falls – Standing on Chairs

If you follow along with our blog, you know that falling is the #1 recorded safety risk year to year. Hallway chair races after the boss goes home? Not smart, or safe. But what happens more frequently and casually is when employees using rolling chairs to reach something. It’s a ROLLING chair for a reason! If you find yourself reaching for supplies, grab a step-ladder and only rise to the tallest part of it to stay secure.

Struck By – Large Stacks of Supplies

Dealing with a lot of papers or materials can be stressful, and organizing them or finding a place to store the materials can be even more hectic. Many accidents occur when employees stack large amounts of materials and then they fall over, leading to a “struck-by” accident. Keep piles of paper filed, organized and always ensure your supplies aren’t too heavy to handle.

Ergonomic Issues РSore Muscles

Ergonomic problems arise when employees are straining their neck/back to work – so craning your head to read your computer monitor, reaching for the mouse, sitting in an uncomfortable office chair. You sit at your desk frequently, so make sure all of your office supplies are aligned to allow you to work comfortably and safely.

Strained Vision – Computer Usage

After a long, hectic work week of staring at a computer monitor, you can experience some vision problems. After constant computer glare and focusing on different texts and sizes, your eyes need a break! For every hour of looking at your screen, give yourself a ten minute break. Use this time to reorganize your desk, adjust your office chair, use the restroom or stretch.

Fire Hazards – Space Heaters

Did you see our past blog post regarding office fires? They’re much more common than you think. As we transition into fall/winter, many employees start bringing in their personal space heaters. Ensure that the varying heaters are not placed near cords or flammable materials, like paper. Also be sure that your office’s fire extinguishers are in-view and aren’t blocked by anything.

Safety Survey – Employee Engagement

Ask your employees! Do they feel safe? It’s easy for staff to overlook safety risks and play them off as a minor issue, but it could really bother your employees if they feel like their safety is at risk. Survey your employees individually or anonymously, asking if they feel informed on common safety practices (like how they should exit the building in case of an emergency/what to do in an active-shooter situation.) Revisit safety plans every couple of months.

Implement Mobile Inspection

Lean on us to reduce your office safety risks! With Mobile Inspection, your inspectors can easily complete inspections from their mobile devices. It’s quicker, more thorough and user-friendly. Give Mobile Inspection a try by signing up here – we’ll give you 30 days for free.

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